文献名:Comprehensive identification of  mutational cancer driver genes across 12  tumor types
本文比较了四种寻找癌症驱动基因的方法,并且得到了综合性的、可靠的291个HCDs 基因列表。
 Cancer Gene Census (CGC) 数据库里面已经有了接近500个cancer genes
 癌症基因组研究分析可以得到数以万计的somatic mutations,但是其中很少一部分才是驱动肿瘤发生,发展的突变。
 而且大多数driver genes的突变频率很低,又由于肿瘤的异质性,大量样本的研究是必须的。
 1、Most common methods identify genes that are mutated more frequently than expected from the background mutation rate (recurrence)
 2、Other methods - a bias towards the accumulation of functional mutations (FM bias)
 3、other methods exploit the tendency to sustain mutations in certain regions of the protein sequence (CLUST bias)
 4、other approaches exploit the overrepresentation of mutations in specific functional residues, such as phosphorylation sites (ACTIVE bias)
 它们的代表软件是MuSiC, OncodriveFM, OncodriveCLUST and ActiveDriver
 In summary, we provide a very reliable list of 291 HCDs and a second one, of 144 CDs, more comprehensive but with an expectedly higher false-positives rate
 One hundred and sixty-five of these candidates are novel findings not included in the CGC.
Chromatin remodeling,
mRNA processing,
Cell signaling/proliferation,
Cell adhesion,
DNA repair/Cell cycle
然后把四种方法综合得到的291个HCDs基因与Cancer Gene Census (CGC) 数据库里面已经有的接近500个cancer genes进行综合比较

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