print "\nChecking Java version...\n\n";
my $ret = `java -version 2>&1`;
print "$ret\n";
if (index($ret, '1.6') == -1) {
    printf "Warning: The tool Trinity of the Broad Institute may require Java 1.6.\n\n";
print "\nChecking SAMtools...\n\n";
$ret = `which samtools 2>&1`;
if (index($ret, 'no samtools') == -1) {
    printf "%-30s\tOK\n\n", 'SAMtools';
    printf "%-30s\tnot found\n\n", 'SAMtools';
my @required_modules = ("Bio::DB::Sam",
print "\nChecking CPAN modules required by VirusFinder...\n\n";
my $count = 0;
for my $module (@required_modules){
eval("use $module");
if ($@) {
printf "%-30s\tFailed\n", $module;
else {
printf "%-30s\tOK\n",     $module;
if ($count==1){
print "\n\nOne module may not be installed properly.\n\n";
}elsif ($count > 1){
print "\n\n$count modules may not be installed properly.\n\n";
print "\n\nAll CPAN modules checked!\n\n";


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